Our story

Passion for Gusto

On 1920 Forno Sambucci began its activity, in the heart of the Castelli Romani area. The right intuition came from grandmother Italia, an emancipated and strong-willed woman.She obtained the bread-making license together with the salts and tobaccos and began to manage a small drugstore with a passion as big as her name. We worked in those years with only the wood-burning oven, still operating today, carrying on the tradition of baking and confectionery typical of our land.

Remembering the past

After the adversities of the war, overcame with hard labour, Forno Sambucci is kept alive by the heirs of grandmother Italia. Thanks to the tenacity of her son Roberto and his wife Amalia but, above all, to the perseverance and courage of his granddaughter Tiziana, it faces the following four decades not without difficulties, consolidating itself and managing to lay the foundations for the expansion process.
The purchase of the first spiral mixer dates back to this period. Forno Sambucci received a significant increase in demand, while maintaining the production process that still today consists of the rigorous conservation of the ancient recipes jealously enshrined in the family.

biscuits label Sambucci dal 1920

Living the present

Fourth generation of Sambucci’s family makes his debut in the company during the 2010’s. Leonardo, Italia’s great-grandson, introduces the most modern production techniques thanks to the training at the “Gambero Rosso”. Roberto, his brother, brings a more streamlined and ambitious working model thans for his international experience. 

They work together to set the family business towards the future: new technologies are acquired, a change of direction is set in the management and it is decided to bet on the conservation of the artisan production process. The purchase of the brand new rotor ovens, the new packaging, the new corporate identity, are just some of the innovations that inaugurate this new course at the end of our hundredth year of life.

Towards the future

We are a small local business model capable of crossing regional and national borders. Animated by the most genuine spirit of cooperation between those who works there and the territory. We continue on the path started years ago, looking to the future and staying, confidently, on the centuries-old foundations of tradition.

Today Forno Sambucci presents itself as a dynamic, solid and fast-growing reality; example of family effort, dedication and passion: all the ingredients of the best Italian manufacturing tradition.