Our values

Forno Sambucci believes in the three T’s rule.


We scrupulously follow 100 years of recipes saved in the family with love. Now as then, we prepare our biscuits one by one by hand, assisted only by the kneading machines in the initial phase. Each biscuit is unique and different. Because excellent things don’t need to be changed.


We select the best ingredients to offer a healthy contribution to the daily diet and that extra touch of joy that only the genuine taste of the artisan product can give.
Each biscuit is different and does not contain food preservatives, additives or palm oil.

All milk and dairy products, like butter, come from selected and certified Italian farms only.

We use 100% Italian wheat: selected, sown, harvested and ground by stone entirely in Italy.

We choose to only use category A eggs that come from Italian free-range poultry farms.

Our products are palm oil-free. We use peanut seed oil only that is high temperature resistant.


We nurture the places from which our grandparents drew inspiration from in order to shape our reality. We offer a wide range of typical products from Velletri and the Castelli Romani area and we do not leave out recipes and flavors from all over Italy as well. To these lands immersed in the green of the Vulcano Laziale region we owe the renewed enthusiasm that daily accompanies us in our activity.